Apollo and Daphne Jakob Auer (ca. 1645 - 1706) Vienna, before 1688 Ivory In his Metamorphoses, Ovid tells of the nymph Daphne, who eluded the desires of the sun god Apollo by turning herself into a laurel tree (Greek daphne, laurel).The two-figure group depicts the beginning of this transformation. In travel reports from the Baroque period, this virtuoso piece of carving was already considered a major work of the Viennese imperial treasury.
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Alicia GalerGreen Hanging Cacti, 2013Watercolor paints/pencils and oil pastels on paper
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During Hurricane Ike in 2008, dozens of caskets surfaced from graves in Orange, Texas. They literally floated to the surface.
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Anonymous asked:
I let this hot girl go ahead of me in line at Starbucks, but she didn't want to have sex with me on the spot. I was going to yell at her, but I didn't because I thought she might be a feminist. So, I just ran home and cried and played Call of Duty. It got worse when I found out I was out of Mountain Dew.


That feminasty friendzoned you after your obviously sex worthy act, intimidated you into silence, and then probably stole your dew. I bet she was the player that teabagged you in cod, too.

Typical. You gotta stay strong, bro. I’ll be praying to Dawkins for you

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Don Jahn Pottery
Wood-Fired Porcelain
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Allegory of Sculpture, 1889
Gustav Klimt 
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vintage plant stand.
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This was a great place to work. #tbt 
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Incredibly rare: Three whitetail bucks locked horns in battle and drowned together in a creek in Ohio.
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My mom put these flowers in my dad’s beard in 1977. This is my favorite picture of him. :)
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